Monday, July 12, 2010

Musical Inspiration

I need noise when I write.  When it’s quiet, I start thinking of other things I could be doing instead of writing.  Like washing the dishes or doing laundry.  Spending four hours looking for my cat so I can give her a scratch and tell her that I don’t care if is she’s a complete snob.  Or vacuuming my car.  After washing it.  When I have noise, for some strange reason I think and concentrate better.  So when I start working on the novel I’ve either got Itunes on shuffling through my writing playlist or the TV switched on.  Writing at work when I’ve got a spare minute also works wonderfully and on a good day I can actually get a whole 1k done there.  Which doesn’t really bring me to the point of the post but I thought I’d share it with the grand total of 1 person (thanks Dave) who’ll probably read this.
I’m almost done with the novel and at the moment I can’t care less.  I’m not discouraged or anything, I just need a lot of encouragement.  Something I’m getting from BFF Gerda, I think she’s more excited about it than I am at the moment, but I need it to come from myself.  The best way to get myself motivated at the moment is with some new music and guys, I've found some real gems.  I’m currently song crushing on The Familiar Taste of Poison by Halestorm.  Found this band the day before yesterday and I’ve got the song on repeat while driving(until I know all the words and move on).  Here’s the music video.  I decided on the video that shows the cast of True Blood, season 2, and it's really well done.  I'm an Eric fan.  Like I said, I'm song crushing at the moment.  It's gorgeous.


Familiar Taste of Poison - Halestorm (Link if the video doesn't want to work)

Here are a couple of the bands I found, some I've never heard of and some I have, that will hopefully encourage me to finish the novel by the middle of next month.  Here are the a few of the new finds and a link to a youtube video.

By the way, look at this cover!  I'm drooling.  Halestorm's self-titled debut.

The rest of my new bands are:
Shine Down:  Second Chance
Story of the Year:  Until The Day I Die
VersaEmerge: Past Praying For
Sister Hazel: Happy
Camera Can't Lie: Days & Days

That's it for right now.  I wanted to add more but couldn't find any decent vids.  So, a bunch of new bands on shuffle it is for now.  This means I don't know any of them well enough to sing along which leads to not being distracted.

Think it'll work?  Might turn out to be inconclusive.

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