Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Editing/Rewriting = Fun (No really, I like it)

Ugh.  I’m impatient.

The last couple of months I’ve been pretty relaxed, writing wise, but today I decided enough is enough.   Which is a little sad because I expected more, but you know, so it goes.  I’m referring to Loss of Ignorance.

My initial plan was to finish it(done), let it simmer(in progress) and wait for BFF to finish the edits(might take a while).  I’m a little disappointed that I have to beg, plead and entice her to edit it for me and to be quite honest I’m pretty sure she would have been finished with it had she only put in a little effort.  I completely and totally understand that she has a life of her own and all that goes with it but I’ve never really asked anything of her and really thought she would do this for me.  It’s just taking too long for my taste and I want it done.  So yeah, I’m a proofreader but I can’t edit my own stuff.  I keep looking over my own mistakes and I’m tense challenged.  Having her do the edits for me is awesome because she’s a great editor, knows how my head works and exactly what I mean when I write something.   But so it goes

New plan of action while I wait for her edits:  Since I’m determined to have the thing finished before the end of the year I’m starting my own editing/rewriting this week.  How I do that is by printing the whole thing out, taking a very red pen and scratching all over the pages.  Along with the edits/rewriting I’ll be writing chapter summaries as well to try and keep track of things.  This is going to take a long time and I think it’ll be more challenging than actually writing the thing.  But I look forward to it, though not so much the amount of paper and ink I’ll be using.  So word count thingy to the right is going back down to 0 but it gives me something new to work towards.

As for current WIP, it’s taking a backseat for now.  I’ll still add words to it every now and then, maybe once a week, but for now it’s on hold.

Short post but it’s exactly what’s on my mind concerning my writing.  That’s it for now.  Happy writing.

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