Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Awesome Nano Links

Wow.  I've never posted this often but I've got links to share so I know you'll tolerate or just skip the post entirely.

NaNoWriMo brings people together and gives me new friend!  Sorry, just had to share

Last night right before bed, timing sucked, I was having a twitter chat with a friend when somebody on my feed retweeted the pros and cons as experienced by new friend Mercedes M. Yardley.  I read through the list and found it very enlightening.  It also made me more eager to start than before.  Here's the link, it's a short post so go read through it.  The Pros and Cons of NaNoWriMo

Next up a blog post by A. Victoria Mixon about the 6 golden rules of NaNoWriMo.  It's worth the read.  The two rules I like the most, you're not supposed to take it too seriously and it's really about making friends.  I've already made a lot of new friends and I won't take it too seriously.

I didn't get any NaNo planning done today, work was busy and I'm working on an advert for a competition, but I'll scribble some tonight.  I'm also trying to do a much editing on LOI as possible before Monday
 because I know time will be limited after then.  Luckily I'm past halfway through them so it feels better.

That's it for now, I'll add good links if I see any tonight, the closer we get to the 1st, the better the posts get.

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