Sunday, November 21, 2010

Link Time

Now that NaNoWriMo is almost over, I thought I would head over to my Google Reader and almost had a heart attack.  I have been neglecting it since it took time I needed for NaNo to go through all the items.

But I'm doing it now.  I'm 5k way from hitting 50k and I'm really not in the mood to do it.  So I thought I would link some of the posts I like the most.  I hope you find them useful.

1.  Edittorrent - Possessive Case
     A post about the possessive case. It takes a look at, and give examples of, nouns, pronouns and  compounds.  Once you have the basics right it's not that hard to keep an eye out for them.

2.  Agent Donald Maass On: Your Tools for Character Building
     This is one of my favorite sites and I learn so much from it.  The things mentioned in this post are what you should decide on before you sit down to write.  They can always change as your story progresses but it will make things so much easier if you decide these things beforehand.  It will also remove a whole lot of obstacles you will inevitable encounter while you write.

3.  Definitive List of Clichéd Dialogue
     I don't really have anything to say about this, the title pretty much explains it all.  Go have a look.

4.  Dreary Ole Modifiers
     Adverbs and adjectives.  A list of some you might want to avoid using.

5.  Tuning Up Your Mechanics
     A post where a good story is compared to a well-tuned car.  Pretty good post and no too long.

6.  The Big Ol' Genre Glossary
     If you wonder where you fit, go over and give this post a read.

7.  Top Ten Plotting Problems by Alicia Rasley

This is all I have time for.  I hope you guys find these posts as useful as I did.  Give them a read when you have the time, it'll be worth it in the long run.


  1. Congrats on your NaNoWriMo win! I still have a stretch to go, but I'm writing like crazy, so I'm hopeful that I'll finish on time :)

  2. Forgot to say in previous comment, but I like this post. I'm saving it on my "to read" list for later (i.e. AFTER I've reached 50k), but the articles look very interesting at first glance. Can't wait to finish this NaNo novel so I can resume my life!