Monday, November 15, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Second Week Roundup

I want to hit 2k by the end of the night so this post will be short.

At the moment I'm standing on exactly 33 728 words and I'm a little tired, I miss my other characters and I just want to finish so I can get back to them.  It's a good thing I'm so far ahead otherwise I would have been a whole lot more despondent.  The only thing that motivates me at the moment is seeing how well all of my NaNo buddies are doing.  They all have word counts bigger than 10k, the biggest being 38k so that's pretty motivating.  I like the challenge of trying to catch up and it gets me going.  I'll get the laptop started in a couple of minutes.  Hope you guys are doing better.



  1. You know how I've been doing lately. Rethinking, rethinking, rethinking. I potentially reached the ending. I mean, I know where the story will end as I reached that place, I just need to add the middle and stretch the beginning from the ending. It's very intriguing, since I'm not that comfortable with the genre.

  2. As I'm writing this, you've already passed 40 000, so CONGRATS!! I'm a little behind, but for some reason I'm not worried (I should be, but I'm... not) Looking at other people's word counts has never motivated me, except maybe in the "look, it is possible" kinda way :)

    What "other characters" are you missing? I don't have other characters to return to (my previous WIP needs a serious overhaul, chars incl.), but I'm seriously considering writing in some unplanned chars in my NaNo Novel just to spice things up a little - my MC's world is getting too small for my liking.

  3. Harry, rethinking is good. It means that when you make the changes you want, it'll be so much easier because you know exactly what you need from it. I think it's a great thing, to write a little outside your usual genre. It gives you a break from what you do the whole time, and when you return to it, everything looks a little newer again. I don't regret doing the genre that I did. I appreciate what I'm writing outside of Nano so much more now and can't wait to get back to it.

    Elmi, thank you! The last 5k words were difficult to get out but I was determined to reach word count goal every day and still am. If I do more, great. I'm one of those people that wants things done now, especially with edits, rewrites and especially writing the first draft. I like the way you look at other Nano people's word counts. I should look at things that way. Thanks for mentioning it.

    I have a novel I'm revising/rewriting/editing at the moment and another one that I'm busy writing. Those characters are so much more complicated than my Nano ones, the stories as well, and that's what I miss. The Nano novel is very straight forward with no extra, smaller plot lines running through it.

    Do it, write some unplanned characters and scenes in your novel. Spice is very good and a big world offers bigger opportunities.