Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo - The Start

I'm having so much fun with with NaNoWriMo, I should have done this years ago!

 What a great way to get your mind going.  I had this idea for my NaNo novel but it was that novel idea that I saved in the back of my mind with the intention of one day writing it but not sure when it would happen.  When it first started tickling the back of my mind I wasn't too sure that I would ever write it.  It's not the genre that I write in so I'm winging it.  When NaNo time was drawing near, actually five days before it started, I thought that I should grab the opportunity that presented itself to me.  So here I am, standing at 5 000 words and anxious to get back to work.  It's only a month right and what do I have to lose?  Absolutely nothing.
I've met a bunch of new people, every single one of them supportive and encouraging.  NaNoWriMo really is about meeting like-minded people and doing what you love with them.  And I like the challenge of trying to fit everything into the span of 30 days.

Half an hour ago I read the blog post of an author I'm looking forward to reading in the near future and I was really disappointed to see the short list of reason she gave NOT to do NaNo.  I was really sad at the end of the post because I like this author and she comes across as a seriously cool person, I just didn't like her post.  I'll still read her books and post, they are very entertaining at times but everyone has a right to their opinion.  She has hers, I have mine.

If you need a reason to get you to the end of a novel and NaNo gives you the motivation to do so, DO IT.  Just make sure you give it your best, do your research properly and outline like a maniac so that when you start the massive revision that will inevitable follow, you make your novel better instead of tearing it apart and trying to fit everything back together again. 
Nobody should tell you that using NaNo as motivation isn't the way to go.  If it works for you, good.  I need deadlines and set myself word count ones so that I don't fall behind or take longer than I have to.  I don't like dragging things out and that goes twofold with writing my novels.  I get new ideas on a regular basis and want to get to them, the next one might be the one, but I can only do that when I've finished what I started.
Sometimes I think that aspiring novelists, especially in today's difficult time of getting published, are underestimated.  Maybe we like stressing, but the good kind of stress.  It makes us feel a little more a part of things.  It helps us feel like we have something in common with published authors who are, essentially, our celebs.  Maybe the aspiring authors should be cut some slack when it comes to what motivates them.
I'll still read the author's blog posts and I'm really looking forward to reading her books.  This was just me saying, you know, whatever.

That's my piece.  I should really get back to that novel I'm falling in love with.


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