Sunday, December 5, 2010


Updated 10-12-2010!  Check the last link I added.

Link time again.  I'm having trouble opening the posts via my Google Reader so I'm sharing what I'm able to.  Hope you find these useful.

1.  Let The Words Flow: How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis
     I started with my third draft tonight as well as writing up chapter summaries so that it will be easier for me to write that dreaded synopsis when I absolutely have to.  This should come in very handy.

2.  CA Marshall: Year-End FREE EDIT CONTEST!
    If you have something finished, I urge you to enter the contest.  You won't be sorry.

3.  Jeaniene Frost: The publishing roller coaster.
    This is one of those don't-lose-hope posts.  It made me feel that all my hard work isn't a complete waste.  I suggest you go give it a read as well.

4.  Rachelle Gardner: I Hate My Book!
     This is exactly what I'm feeling at the moment.

5.  Mandy Hubbard: On Learning, Growing... and surviving...
     I'm reading this at the moment.  It makes me feel better about number 4.

6.  Natalie Whipple: What Happens When It IS You
     This will probably be me but it's worth it in the end, isn't it?  Read this fantastic post.  It inspired me beyond words.

7.  Edittorent - From the Style Guide: Who/Whom
    Something short and easy to remember. Go check it out.
8.  Write do Done: Your Eagle Eye On: 10 Tips for Proofreading Your Own Work
     This is my favorite post of this list.  Go check it out.

9.  Dark Angel Fiction Writing: Websites for published authors and aspiring writers
     Some helpful links to follow.  Enjoy them.

Looks like this is all I'm getting tonight.  I want to go read so I'm on my way, dark mood and all.  Hope you all had a better week than I had and the one to come is an improvement.

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