Thursday, December 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo Aftermath + Another CA Marshall Contest!

It’s time for my post-NaNoWriMo post, I know I should have done it on Monday, but I was too tired and work has been hectic this week.

Things I confirmed/learned during NaNoWriMo:

1.  I can actually do it.  I know myself well enough that I knew from the beginning that I would be able to do it.  But I'm one of those people who just has to prove these kinds of things to myself, no matter if I know I can do it or not, I still have to.  I'm extremely competitive but only with myself.  Okay, mostly with myself.

2.  I don't need motivation or inspiration to write.  If I know where the story is going, or at least supposed to go, I sit down and write.  That's it.  This is also something I've known but I relished the challenge of doing it anyway.  I have to admit that, with working all day then getting home and writing, it is very exhausting.  But no matter how tired I was, I still made sure that I had my daily word count goal.  I'm quite proud of myself.

3.  My NaNo story sucks but I had, mostly, fun writing it.  This I confirmed about halfway through and was very relieved to realise that I wasn't devastated by the discovery.  Now was probably the best time to do it and find out that it wasn't future use.  Dodged a bullet there.

4.   It was all worth it in the end.  It was.  If you've done it, you'll know exactly what what I'm talking about.

5.  Planning makes a difference. In this case, not in a good way for me.  I planned the novel out from start to finish and I think that's where I lost it.  I have to admit it made the writing so much easier but there was something missing.  The element of surprise, the extra depth.  Now I know exactly why I don't plan things out in detail.  It just doesn't work for me or my story.

6.  November = the shortest month of the year.  What else is there to say.  For me, November went by without me noticing it.

7.   The genre I wrote might not be for me. The novel was fantasy one and I realised that I'm more in love with the current world and the realities that go with it.  I might rewrite the novel one day but I would have to be bored to death to even think about approaching it again.  What's done is done.

8.  Support.  I have the best support system in the world.  Every single day at work my two fellow proofreaders asked me how I was doing and how many words I added to my novel.  When I got frustrated with it, they encouraged me.  When I wanted to stop, they threatened me with death and disembowelment(no really, they did.  Proofreaders are bloodthirsty creatures).  It worked and I finished ahead of time.  They made it so much easier than it would have been.  The people I met online were also very supportive and encouraging.  If I ever wonder about doing it again next year, I'll think of all the fantastic people I met during November.  So worth it.

9.  I adore my other novels.  The time spent away from them has made me realise how much faith I have in them, how much I love and believe in them.  I'm very eager to get back, starting tonight.

That is that.  If I think of anything else, I'll add it later.  Which brings me to the next thing I want to mention.  Here are the details.

Freelance Editor CA Marshall's Year-End FREE EDIT CONTEST!

It's that time again!  Time for another FREE EDIT contest!

Just like previous contests, I'm giving away a FREE substantial edit! (That's plot, pacing, character development, etc, up to 100k words) to one lucky reader!

It's really easy to enter, just fill out the form linking to something specific you want for Christmas, or something you'd give to your favorite writer or reader.  ENTER ONCE PER DAY.

To get more than one entry per day, link to this contest. Fill out the form again every time you link or tweet, or whatever. Please include direct links, and if you post somewhere, the post must be about this contest only. Please don't spam your friends. One entry per type of post (one twitter status, one blog post, etc) per day. To fill out the form again, refresh the page.

For 10 bonus entries, post my button anywhere on your blog! If you include the button in your blog post, that post is worth 11 entries! If you use the button, make sure you note that the button is included when you fill out the form. The button and code can be found in my sidebar.

Contest is open worldwide (but has to be in English) as everything is done by email. I can wait up to a month for you to finish your MS if it isn't finished by contest end (midnight December 10th), SO GET WRITING!

That's it from me.  So get going!  Only a couple of days left.  I'm off to start writing and revising again!  So excited to get back to my babies.  I've missed them terribly.

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