Friday, February 25, 2011

Go Meet Mike

The first time I met Mike was while writing one of my Writers in Training posts and I love him instantly.  He's such a crazy, dysfunctional, strange guy that I really wanted to spend more time with him so I decided that I would.  It was as simple as that.

Last week I decided that I won't start a new novel until at least one of my four finished is ready for submission.  The only problem I had with that decision is that I have to write something, I just have to.  So I decided, why not just write a little bit of Mike's story each week and post it on the blog.  It'll stave off the need to seriously write something while I do the edits/rewrites/proofreading that are a little more important at the moment.

To the left you'll see the page link named This is Mike.  I'll update the page weekly and the pieces won't be too long, somewhere between 300 and 500 words.  This is just for fun and to keep myself entertained.  If you read it, thank you, I hope you enjoy it.  The prologue will go up after I'm done with this post.

By the way, the story isn't told from Mike's point of view, rather from his new roommate's.  I like to think that Mike is my main character but his story gets told from somebody else's point of view.  She's pulled into his world and accepts it really easily.  I wonder if I should be more worried about her than I am him.  Well, we'll just have to see how things turn out for them.  I have no idea where this will go but that's the kind of writer I am and I love surprises, especially when they come from my characters.  So head on over and go have a read.  I want that axe sling.


Disclaimer: I seriously hope the model doesn't mind being the focus of my story.  I got his photo from Fashionably Geek. I want that axe sling.

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