Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Finishing a Novel and Resisting the Urge to Write Another

I finished another novel.  Wow.  I finished another one.  It’s still a little unreal to me and I still have a very long road to walk with this one but it’s done and I’m happy with it.

I started writing Unnamed WIP (I’m still trying to find the perfect name for it) on 21 August 2010.  I know the exact date because I made a note of it on the blog.  Reading through that post I sprouted a lot about how I came to the realization that writing YA might not be for me and all kinds of other nonsense.  Boy was I wrong.  Turned out Unnamed WIP was a Young Adult novel after all.  Honestly, I tried turning it into an UF but the story just didn’t want to go along with me.  So Unnamed WIP is a YA Paranormal.  I finished it 15 February 2011.  This one took me six months to write.  If I take away November, which I spent writing my NaNoWriMo novel Flight, this one took me about five months to write, give or take a few days.  It seems my general turnover for a novel ranges between five and six months for the first draft.  I have a full-time job time and sneak as much writing in as possible between work which really helps.  And I probably didn’t spend enough time writing as I could have but what’s done is done.

Unnamed WIP turned out great and it’s exactly how I want it.  The story just needs a few tweaks here and there, one added chapter, and it’ll be ready for a vigorous edit.  This one will definitely not need as much work with the rewrites as Loss of Ignorance needed so it makes me feel a little better.  But I’m sitting this one aside for a month or two, so that when I pull it back for those rewrites/edits, it will be with a fresh perspective.

While Unnamed WIP breathes a little I’ll be working on edits for Loss of Ignorance(LOI)/The Demons You Know(TDYK) which Lood is helping me with.  The guy rocks the edits, it’s great.  I’ll also be playing around with something else but I’ll post about that on Friday.  I’m really looking forward to taking on this new thing I’ve set for myself but I’ll share later.

That’s it for my novel wrap-up post.  Don’t have much to share about this one, it was pretty straightforward.  The only issue I have now is wanting to start writing again, I have two awesome ideas I want to put to paper, but I know that I shouldn’t because I have a lot of other things to do.  That’s where Friday’s thing will come in.  With editing LOI/TDYK, rewriting Flight, writing my weekly post for Writers in Training, sleeping, going to work, life gets busy.  You know what I’m talking about.

So back to whatever I was doing for now.


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