Friday, February 4, 2011

On Making Progress, Blogging and Looting

On the 23rd I posted about what I’m busy with, or stuff that needs to be worked on, and had to decide what to focus on next.  I was leaning towards Unnamed WIP and decided to just finish it and I’m well on my way.  If I’m lucky I’ll be finished by the 18th, at the latest the 25th.  It’s exciting and I’m looking for to typing ‘the end’ again.

The plan was to work on Unnamed WIP during the week and work on edits/rewrites of Say It With Feeling during the weekends but since I’ve made the decision I haven’t had a single weekend free.  It’s frustrating and a little joke from Murphy as well, I’m sure.

That’s about all I’ve got to report on the writing front.  Next up, Writers In Training.  If you haven’t been over to the blog I contribute to with fellow local aspiring authors Lood and Dave, go on and check it out.  We post about how we handle our writing and go about doing what we do.  I posted on Plot vs Story today. With images!  It’s great.

Now for looting!  I love looting!!! (Take note of the amount of exclamation marks.  That’s how much.)

We all love summer sales.  Especially when they involve books.  Really, really cheap books that we’ll probably never get around to reading but still want.  Here’s a list of this year’s summer loot (refer to looting blog where the concept is explained) from Exclusive Books and Top Books:

From the left:

Nancy Werlin - Impossible
Kate Griffin - The Midnight Mayor
Karen Chance - Death's Mistress
Keri Arthur - Moon Sworn
Laurell K Hamilton - A Lick of Frost
Sherrilyn Kenyon - Bad Moon Rising
Lene Kaaberbol - Midnight
Stephen Woodworth - With Red Hands
Martin Millar - Lonely Werewolf Girl
Susan Parisi - Blood of Dreams
Joe Hill - Heart-Shaped Box
David & Leigh Eddings - The Younger Gods
Vigue-Martin - Atlas of the Human Body
Non-Sale Items:
Sherrilyn Kenyon - In Other Worlds
Richelle Mead - Last Sacrifice
The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2.

Quite a stack, isn't it.  Wonder where I'm going to put it all.  I'm off to rearrange my bookshelf and get ready for tomorrow.


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