Sunday, April 17, 2011

On Letting Go and Cleaning House

It’s a sad Sunday evening for me.  On Wednesday I posted over at Writers in Training about something close to my heart.  I finally realized that it’s time to let Say It With Feeling go.  The post is called Writers Flogging Dead Horses (wherein I compare my novel to a dead horse, morbid but very fitting) and in short it’s about me coming to the realization that it’s time to let this one go.

What makes it extra difficult for me is that SWIF was my very first novel and I love it deeply.  But I also see the numerous flaws in it and know that it’s just not good enough and no amount of tweaking will be able to fix it.  The best I can do with it is take the concept and write another story entirely or use element, scenes and characters from it in different stories.  But that will have to wait a few years because there are other characters demanding I give them a turn to tell their story.  And quite honestly, I like their stories better than I do Nic’s (MC from SWIF).  She’s extremely compassionate and understands where I’m coming from.

Tonight I’m cleaning out my spaces, getting rid of any easy access to SWIF so that I won’t be tempted to resurrect it again.  I’ve already deleted it from my desktop and dropbox and if you look to the left, you’ll see that I’ve removed the progress bar there as well.  Damn, that was difficult, but it’s done and in a way I feel a lot lighter.

You’ll also notice that I’ve moved my NaNoWriMo winner’s badge and progress bar for Flight to lower down the page.  Although this horse isn’t dead yet, I think it’s better to keep it separate from my serious novels.  I’ll be taking part in this year’s NaNo again and look forward to it. I’ve decided to write another YA fantasy and will be using one of the side characters from Flight for this one.  All those will be stand-alone but connected.  It’ll be nice to start building a little YA fantasy series for myself and add one novel a year to it.  They are so much fun to write and I’ve missed my fantasy.

That’s all for now.  There will be another post later in the week/next weekend and I’m looking forward to sharing it.  I’ve some decisions to make, and some serious time management to get straight, but as soon as I’ve got that sorted, I’ll share.

My self-imposed writing holiday is just about over.  I might start doing another round of edits on SHe Knows Death(for lack of a better title) but it’s part of that whole decisions making thing.  Hope you all had a productive weekend and will be even more so this week.

Lastly, if you haven’t been to Mike’s page lately, I update it every Wednesday so there should be something new.

That’s it for now.


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