Saturday, May 14, 2011

Denizes and a Writing Challenge Update. Oh, and Some Books

I haven’t done an actual blog post in a while, sorry about that, but I didn’t have anything of major importance to share.  Like I said to a friend today, I’m probably the most boring person he knows.  It’s only in my books that things get exciting.  Speaking of...

It's going surprisingly well with Denizens and at the moment I'm standing at 29 500.  When I look at that number I can't help but smile and feel good about it.  A good 8 500 words of that is part of Kaz Mahoney's Spring Into Summer (SIS) 50k Writing Challenge.  I love writing challenges, and plan on seeing this one through to the end.  But I have to confess,  I kind of hit a writing slump on Thursday and I'm only now getting out of it.  I know what the problem is, too much writing all the time, but that's how it usually goes for me.  With the previous UF I hit a slump of almost three weeks.  I'm just glad this time it was only a couple of days.  I think the problem was that I had my plot all figured out, but it needed something else, a little extra kick later on in the story.  And then I figured it out, the something that was needed, and now I'm rearing to go again.  Here's the image I'll be using to indicate my SIS progress.

I also went to the shops today with the intention of buying winter clothes.  I hate buying clothes in general.  Instead I ended up with a:

Book Haul!

China Mieville – Kraken
Sherrilyn Kenyon – Dream Warrior
Richelle Mead – Iron Crowned
Karen Mahoney – The Iron Witch
JR Ward – Lover Unleashed

That's it from me.  It feels like I've forgotten something important.  Oh damn, now I remember.  I've got somebody reading and giving my YA novel a light edit.  She likes it so far so I'm happy with that.


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