Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Haul/Looting

I think it's safe to call this a looting because I walked away with a pirate book.  Here's what I came home with yesterday evening.  Now I have to find space for them. Soooo pretty...

From top to bottom:

Delirium - Lauren Oliver (the sister got this one for me.  I have issues with paying R180 for a book)
The Pirate's Pocket Book - Edited by Stuart Robertson
Love is Hell - Anthology
Shadows - Amy Meredith
Wolfbreed -  S.A. Swann
Castle in the Air - Diana Wynne Jones (Got this one from CNA and ran back to EB to get House of Many Ways)
House of Many Ways - Diana Wynne Jones
Ink Exchange - Melissa Marr
Promise of the Wolves - Dorothy Hearst

That's it so far.  Best of all, I'm actually going to read at least six of those books.

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