Monday, July 25, 2011

Taking Flight. Again.

Some of you might remember my numerous NaNoWriMo posts last year and how Howl's Moving Castle inspired the novel I wrote that month.  I mean, come on, how could this not inspire someone like me.

So pretty.  I'm looking at pictures on Google Images.  I also just added Fuckyeahhowlsmovingcastle to my tumblr.  Oooh, another linky.  It's a healthy obsession.  Really.  Grrr... This post is never going to get written.

Anyway, getting back to the reason for this post.  Last year I wrote Flight as my NaNo novel.  It wasn't a planned novel at all.  One evening while watching Howl's I thought "I want to write a story half as great" and since then the idea for a story had been stuck in my head.  When NaNo came around it was the perfect time to get the story written.  I knew that with the other writing I was busy with/had planned, there just wouldn't be time to write this one.  But I desperately wanted to.  This was my flight of fancy, something very opposite to what I usually write.

I had so much fun writing this story, and there are Howl elements in it, one of them being a few scarecrows, and until this week I haven't touched it since the end of November last year.  But lately the story has been bugging me, I think it wants me to take it seriously.  It ended with only 50k and that's way too short for a Young Adult Fantasy.  That's when Bronwynne poked her head out saying she'll be able to help me.  Bron said her story would add about 50k to the word count and her side is definitely not as light and airy as Sora's.

So that's what I've been doing since yesterday.  Plotting out the second half of Flight.  It's not how I usually do things.  I'm not a plotter but with this one I didn't have a choice.  Bron's chapters will be alternating with Sora's and certain things have to match up and the timeline needs to work with what's supposed to happen.  I'm finding this strange, plotting things out, knowing what's going to happen if only vaguely.  One of the fun parts about my writing for me is that I don't know what will happen, only how it's supposed to end and what happens in the middle.  The rest is a mystery and I love that.  But I'm embracing this planning part to see how it will work out.  I've got a good feeling and I like the element Bron's part will add to the tale.

So Camp NaNoWriMo it is for me starting next week.  I can't wait to get back to writing, I've been doing a lot of revising/editing on other things this last month or so and I've missed writing terribly.

Anybody else doing it as well?

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