Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Set of Writing Links! Go Forth and Enjoy.

Tips on the Evil Synopsis - Confessions From Suit 500

Confessions Of A Writer With A Book Deal - Natalie Whipple

Writing + Music = Love - Kirsten Hubbard

Changing Scale: Looking at Your Story From Different Angles - Janice Hardy

Finding an agent - Carrie Ryan

Open Source Writing Software – Zim Desktop Wiki - Cat Hellisen

Most Common Mistakes Series: 10 Stylistic Mistakes Sabotaging Your Story - K.M. Weiland

5 Keys to Giving Constructive Writing Critiques - Write it Sideways

How-to: Crafting a Query for Fiction (a.k.a your first impression) - Kathleen Ortiz

How Writing a Good Hook is like Running a Good Con - Natalie C Parker


  1. Great links!

    I found you though Ladies Who Critique!

  2. Pleasure Natalie
    Heidi, that site is fantasic. I'm on my way there at the moment. I'm walking away with a critique partner before the end of the night.