Saturday, September 3, 2011

5 Random Things About Me / 5 Random Things I Love

Good evening guys.

I know the post is supposed to be 10 random things about me but after some prompts in the previous post I decided to divide it into 5 random things and 5 random things I love.  Since this post is all about getting to know me better I don't see the harm.  So here I go:

5 Random Things:

1.  I once cut off a piece of a friend's hair using a stapler.  If you check out my Google+, you'll see that I listed this under Bragging Rights.  Come on, how can I not brag about that?

2.  I studied French for 3 years as part of my degree but refuse to even try and speak it for fear of sounding like a complete idiot.  This was almost 4 years ago so I've lost most of my knowledge.  I do understand enough to get the general idea when somebody speaks it but not much more. I'm considering picking up my books and learning it again.

3.  My first language is Afrikaans, and although I love mocking Afrikaans music, I adore speaking the language.  It can get very interesting at times plus the language structure is fascinating.

4.  I own one pair of heels(for emergencies like weddings or dress-code clubs).  Hate the things and know that if I wear them, I'll publicly humiliate my self or plummet to my death when I fall while wearing them.

5.  I loath summer and am miserable through most of it.  Being hot and sweaty just doesn't work for me.


5 Random Things I Love:

1.  Rain!  I don't even have to explain, you all know the awesomeness that is falling water.

2.  Extremely loud Rock while I'm driving home from work.  Loud as in so deafening the side mirrors vibrate a little.  Don't worry, I'm not obnoxious. I turn it down when there are other open car windows close.

3.  Sleeping late.  It's so bad that my best friend knows not to call me before 11am except for emergencies.

4.  I love making my colleagues laugh.  It makes the day that much more fun and work doesn't feel like such a schlep.

5.  Band Hero with the best friend.  It's one of those small pleasures that I just can't get enough of.


That's it from me.  I think this was a good compromise.  If you've done it, comment and link it please.  Would love to get to know you all better.


  1. Afrikaans, eh? I've never met somebody who speaks that language, let alone as their first language.

    I also hate summer for much of the same reason. Give me wheezing cold winters any day. Sun and humidity can go awaaay.

  2. Now you can say that you've met somebody. Maybe I'll vlog about it someday and you all can hear what it sounds like. And that we don't sound as stupid as actors make us sound.
    Our winter is just about finished and I'm so sad about it. It's spring and it already feels like the middle of summer.

  3. I took 4 years of Spanish too but I've pretty much lost it all as well. I can still stumble along, mangling the language but it's nothing at all like it was before. You really do lose it if you don't use it.

    I like rain too but only during the summer. Not a big fan of cold season rain, lol. I do like the sun and summer though.

    I did this meme here:

  4. Vernieda, I'm heading over there now. Thanks for the link.

  5. I know this is nothing compared to language, but I used to know short-hand, but have pretty much lost it! Lol!

    I also love the sound of rain, which we do get a lot of her in Virginia in the summer/fall months. I'm right there with you about hating to sweat in the heat! Lol! ; )

  6. I can't walk in heels either. My friends all make big fun of me over that one.

    I'm with you on sleeping late!

  7. I'm in your MG/YA group in the Campaign, and I cannot stand to wear heels either.

  8. I hate heels. I can't walk in those things. They are good for aerating the lawn.

    Rain. What can you say it is beautiful and smells wonderful. THanks for sharing.

  9. I'm with you on the rain and the hatred of being too hot... must be from growing up in the Pacific North West... the year I lived in the Prairies I swore I thought I'd shrivel up and die from lack of moisture :)

  10. Yep - identify with the heels, seasons and the French. I don't have much choice about the rain - we get a lot of it in the Peak District. Also very impressed about cutting hair with a stapler - that must have taken some time!

  11. I'm the opposite - I loathe Winter. I'd much rather be too hot than too cold. Lucky I live in South East Queensland, Australia, where a 'cold' day is 18 degrees celsius!

    I'm in your New Adult / crossover group - looking forward to getting to know you throughout the campaign. :-)

  12. I love your bragging rights lol
    I have several pairs of heels - they all have dust on them. And sleeping late? Mmmm sleeeeeeeping late.

    I did my 10 over here:

  13. MC, I'm jealous about all that rain. I much prefer it to the sunshine and heat we get here over December. The owner of the hair I cut didn't allow me to cut more than one strand after she saw that I could actually do it. Sad really, I think I could have given her some real interesting results.

    Cally, I do like some things about summer. Not wearing shoes all the time, summer rain, novelty tshirts, watermelon and BBQ. Looking forward to getting to know you too.

    KT, respect to the girls who can actually pull off wearing heels but the thought makes me run in the opposite direction. Mmm... Slept late this morning... I'm on my way to read your 10.

  14. Jennifer, my loathing of summer matches that of wearing heels. My public enemy number one. Well, they share first place.

  15. So cool that you know Afrikaans. And Band Hero rocks! (pardon the pun)

  16. JA, not only do I know Afrikaans, I am Afrikaans. Terribly so, really.