Monday, September 26, 2011

Catch-up post about books, beaten bushes, how losing is winning, writing and GIFS

I haven't done a post about where I am in my writing for a while now.  With the platform-building campaign, challenges, rewrites, critiquing, and contests, things have been hectic lately.  So I thought I'd do a quick catch-up post to bring me and you up to speed.

First up. You all know it's banned books week, right?  We don't really do banned books here in SA, but it's still important, no matter where you are. Nobody should be told what they can and cannot read. It's narrow minded.  Go here and check out the ridiculousness: list of the most commonly challenged books in the United States. It's ridiculous.

Next up: Rach's platform-building campaign. I've met some great people and thank all of you for following my blog and twitter.  This is great.  I had a lot of fun with the first challenge, and loved writing my flash Fiery Vanity, I'm in the mood to write another one.  This one might include my MC Ava going at a bush with a stick. I'm not sure but I'll think about it.

Remember I posted the first 250ish words of my YA last week for Brenda Drake's Can You Hook a Teen contest? The results came out today.  First let me state that there were some fabulous entries and I absolutely adored the one that won. You can find it here: THE GIRL WITH BROWN EYES(just scroll down until you find it.) I absolutely loved this entry and understand why it won.  Congrats!  I did get a mention though and this made me extremely happy.  I'm going to admit that I doubt my writing a lot but I also love it so much that I absolutely refuse to give up. I refuse!  So just getting the mention was like winning in it's own way.  Sometimes I just need a little something to show me that I'm going in the right direction and this contest did that for me.  So, thank you Brenda for having it.  And thank you Taryn for liking my entry.  It was a win in my books.

Now down to my writing.  This week I will be finishing up the rewrites on SKD. Hopefully.  I made a schedule to follow and everything, and I'm ahead at the moment so I don't feel too bad spending so much time writing up this post.  When I'm done with the rewrites, I'll give it one more read then send it to my CPs for another read.  I hope they like the changes I made, I think it's a lot better.

There's the YA UF that I'm itching to get back to, you guys have no idea who much I love that story.  I'm burning to send it to my CPs but it's not ready for them yet.  So sad because I can't wait to give it to somebody to read. I want everybody to read it. It's ridiculous.  Then there's the UF that I've pushed aside.  I'm digging that one back out in December.  If there's time before NaNo, I'll read it.  I desperately want a critique on that one too.  I kind of miss those characters.  The MC rocks, the rest of the crew too.  Fred is special with his love of cheese and crayons.  That needs to be shared.

This is my last post for the month.  Starting October there will be special NaNo posts with links to some helpful articles etc.  I'll share my prep, at the moment I only have the idea, vague plot and one or two characters, so this will be from scratch. I'm really looking forward to it.

Until then, I'm collecting GIFS.  Like these, I really like these:

Of course there's a Dean Gif! He approves this message. Go and be merry, my fellow writers.


  1. Blimey - you have been busy! Sorry I missed your blogfest entry - I just read it now and thought you nailed the voice. Nice work and congrats on the mention!

  2. I think mentions are just wonderful. I will pop on over there and check out your entry.
    I will be joining you for NaNo this year. I don't exactly think I'm in my right mind to sign up for it, but we'll see what happens. I only have a vague idea right now, too.
    Haven't decided if I'll do the 2nd Platform-building challenge yet. It kinda takes precious time away from my manuscripts--even though I love the challenges. Happy writing!

  3. Thanks MC. Better late than never, eh?
    Ladonna, you guys really helped with it so thank you!
    Susan, yey! Somebody else to keep me company. I'm really looking forward to it this year. Beginning October we can start planning together. By the end we'll be ready for it. I have decided to skip the 2nd challenge but will definitely try and catch the 3rd one. I'll be done with rewrites by then.