Monday, September 19, 2011

Pirate Poetry: Blackbeard the Pirate King

Indulge me, okay? I like pirates. In the distant future, I might want to write a pirate story. Maybe next year's NaNo novel can be a pirate one.

Blackbeard is one of the most famous yet most mysterious pirates of the seven seas. We know that he was real, but in the almost three centuries since he lived, truth and myth have blended until now it is hard to tell which is which.

At Teach's Hole
Death Sails by Moonlight

The ghostly headless figure
Of Blackbeard, it is said,
Still swims under the moonlight
Looking for its severed head.

But who knows where the truth lies
In tales of derring-do.
The tales that most excite you
Are the tales twice told and true.

- J. Patrick Lewis

Enjoy what's left of your Pirate Day!


  1. Pirates used to fascinate me as well. Unfortunately with all the modern pirate horrors on the news in the last couple of years, reality has barged in on my fantasy and I struggle to have endearing thoughts about any pirates I read about now. Sucks, because I used to enjoy meself a scurvy pirate now and again.

  2. I totally understand where you're coming from but I try and hold on to its old time charm and just plain awesomeness. There's a lot of negative stuff associated to good things and I just refuse to let it have an impact on the good side of it or how I see it.

  3. Hi Jani, fellow Beginning Blogger Campaigner here. Sadly, I am very late on getting around to everyone's blog.

    I used to dream of being the Pirate Queen when I was a kid. Funny, I hadn't thought of that in years until I read your post.

    It's veyr nice to meet you!

  4. Hey Elizabeth, great to meet you too. I still wouldn't mind being a Pirate Queen.

  5. Hey I'm Daus, I will be the next Pirate King.