Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear Author: Karen Marie Moning

It is said that the best way to thank an author for writing a book you really liked is to write a good review about it. I've been contemplating doing it but, as always, I like doing things a bit differently. So what I've decided to do is write a fan letter to that author and post it here. Those posts will be called Dear Author and full of love and adoration. They won't be a weekly thing so don't worry about me spamming your readers. Here I go...

Dear Ms Moning

I’m trying to remember where I first found out about your books. It certainly wasn’t on the net where I read about most of the books I buy these days. I think it might have been at a book sale and the only reason I found Bloodfever there was because it was slightly battered and the retailer couldn’t sell it full price as it was. As soon as I picked it up and started reading the back copy, I knew I had a good story in hand. I didn’t even finish reading the back because I realized very quickly that this definitely wasn’t the first in the series. I bought it anyway.

I’m in the middle of Faefever and am extremely frustrated because I can’t get my hands on Dreamfever. Seems none of the bookstores I visit have it in stock. That’s Murphy for you. And before you ask about ordering it online, I don’t like doing it that way. I have my reasons. Worst of all, I have Shadowfever on my shelf, just waiting to be read. It’s the big hardcover copy with the plastic see-through jacket. So pretty, I just want to look at it the whole time. When I saw it for the first time I bought it immediately, instead of waiting for the smaller mass-market version, just because of the cover. I never do that.

I adore your Fever series. The antagonistic relationship between Mac and Barrons keeps me turning the page, anxious to get to their next meeting and I think it’s their encounters that I enjoy most. I appreciate that the storyline isn’t overly complicated but has me wondering at every corner. The story is pretty straightforward and I'm grateful for that. It means I can really throw myself into it. It’s been quite a while since I’ve read something that I had to force myself to put down because I need to sleep, not because I want to. I also make a conscious effort to not take it to work with me. I swear, I won’t get anything done. Today I seriously regret that decision. Work is slow and I’m contemplating asking my colleague to push me around the office on my new chair to try and kill the boredom.

Prepare yourself for a lot of likes.

I like Mac and reading about how her head works. Overall I’m not the biggest fan of girly girls but I think the contrast between Mac before the call and Mac after the call cancels out any of my misgivings. I like that in all the bad stuff that happens to her, there are still traces of Mac BTC and that she clings to them like a life raft and I think, to her, it is. Returning to her old self helps her hold on to her sanity and I’m a little surprised that she hasn’t had some kind of major breakdown or a real moment of WHY. I like that she does stupid stuff and pays the price. I like that Barrons and V’lane aren't always there to save her and still she comes out alive, most of the time on her own. I love that she’s silly, the MacHalo being one of my favorite moments. And mostly I like that she still doesn’t know who to trust and is smart enough to keep certain things to herself because of it.

And don’t get me started on Barrons. Well, okay, if you insist. But only a little bit, this fan letter is getting a bit long. I’m frustrated that after two and a half books, we still don’t know much about Barrons. I have my suspicion, and if I’m right, I’ll come back and add a big fat HA! right here. I LIKE Barrons, but who doesn’t? What a gorgeous male character. I think Mac secretly gets off annoying him. Okay, maybe it's not that secret. Those are awesome moments. The ones where he accuses her of hiding things from him or when he’s angry at her for putting her life in danger. Characters like Barrons really are some of my favorite. I like the distance he places between himself and everybody and I know exactly why he does it. One of my own character do it. But I want to know what’s going on!

And that’s why I keep reading and force myself to put the book down at exactly midnight. I’m more invested in the characters than the story. I love Mac and Barrons and will truly be sad when I read the last book in the series.

Thank you for writing such an awesome series.

Your sincerely, and in all the fan-girl glory there is,


Website:  Karen Marie Moning
Twitter: @KarenMMoning


  1. Ooh, I need to check out this series!

  2. Yes, I'll have to add the book to my growing list.

  3. Fans are always greatly appreciated by writers. You've done something wonderful by telling others and by letting the author know how much you enjoy her work.

    Just stopped in to say from the writecampaign!

  4. Melissa & Ladonna, you should. Just finished number Faefever and I'm dying! I need to get my hands on Dreamfever.

    C. Lee. I should have done this sooner but better late than never, right? Thank you for stopping by, I'll do the same.

  5. I love books that do this to me. And I think it's awesome you did this. I'll have to look into this series... I may not get to it for a year though... :o)

  6. You know, as long as you read it one day, you'll be richer for it. I think of all the books I've read, the relationship between Barrons and Mac is my favorite. Can't get enough of it.

  7. I love the idea of a letter. Nice. =)

  8. Thanks. I'm really glad I decided to do this.