Monday, October 17, 2011

Ugh, Again With the Links!

I've been collecting these links for a while now.


Fiction Critiques: How To - That's what Liz said

Synop-what? - Kathleen Ortiz

Finding the Heart of Your Story: A Tip from Donald Maass - Adventures in Children's Publishing

Flat Adverbs Are Flat-Out Useful by Mark Nichol - Daily Writing Tips

10 Websites and Blogs of Punctuation Protectors by Mark Nichol - Daily Writing Tips

Tensed Up by Danyelle L -

Guest Author Dana Marton: 7 Tips to Improve Your Novel’s Pacing - The Other Side of the Story

The Ultimate 15 point Checklist to Make Your Writing Come Alive by Marya Zainab - Write to Done

Seven Character Types That Build Your Story - Adventures in Children's Publishing

Moving Quickly Through a Draft - Mystery Writing is Murder Elizabeth Spann Craig

The 25-word hook revisited - Help! I Need a Publisher  I'm definitely coming back to this one.

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