Monday, November 21, 2011

Counting Down My Last 10 #NaNoWriMo Days

Day 1 went like this:
You'd think it being the last day I'd go out with a bang. Not so much.  I wrote a total of 686 words and watched an episode of Dexter.  The only thing that annoys me is that I haven't gotten to what I tweeted about yesterday.  I've set up the scene and will actually get to do it tomorrow.

Next month will definitely be NaNoFiMo for me.  I'll be taking my time with it, I've got about 16k to go.  I'll do the big NaNo post hopefully before the end of the weekend.  I have quite a few things I want to blog about next month, so let's see how things work out.

Day 2 went like this:
I wrote 2 001 words today putting my word count for this novel at 53k.  That leaves me with about 17k to go until I'm done.  I've got nothing exciting to share.  Oh wait.  Here's something I tweeted earlier tonight.  It corresponds with my novel description at the NaNo site somewhat.

-Some Marina and the Diamonds to kick off chapter where MC beats the boy wearing a cape with a metal pipe.-

I haven't started the actual beating but I'll do that at work tomorrow.  Imagine, if you can, the idiotic grin on my face at the prospect of getting to do this to cape boy.

Day 3 went like this:
Ugh. I'm busy with a terrible scene.  It's extremely difficult for me to write, not because of writer's block, it's because what's happening in it.  I'm feeling extremely sorry for my characters, especially my MC, and sad too. It's probably why I only managed to write 905 words.  That and I'm extremely anxious to get back to Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning.  I got this book two days before NaNo and had to force myself to leave it alone until I hit my 50k.  Guess what I'm off to do right now...

Day 4 went like this:
I won!  Current total according to Nano is 50 011 and I'm happy with that.  I'm not stopping the writing because I still need to add 20k so I'll keep on validating the novel until the last day.  I stopped today's writing at and insane place. Insane.  But I'm happy and will no go watch American Horror Story.  Have a good Sunday!

Day 5 went like this:
Cupcakes were consumed today.  I'm so close to reaching 50k that I can practically taste it.  I finished today's writing at 48 999 words exactly.  There's not reason for me to rush the last 1 001 words and I figured I'll add them tomorrow during the day.  As much as I waited for this month to finally arrive, that's how much I'll be glad when it's over.  Now I'm off to get another cupcake and watch some TV. I hope you're all doing well with your writing.

Day 6 went like this:
I wrote 19 words and I think I'll keep them.  Went to the movies with my friends and somewhere along the lines I picked up the need to write again.  I hate when I lose that.

Day 7 went like this:
Wrote a stunning 1k at work today.  I'm glad I did because tonight I have no motivation to write, though I did end up adding another 500 words.  As the end of NaNo approaches, the more exhausted I'm becoming.  But it's a good kind of tired and I'm happy to have it.  My aim is to be finished by the end of Saturday.  So happy about that.  Don't have much else to share.  I will tell you that my MC had a major panic attack when somebody told her something that rocked the way she thinks about certain things. And not in a good way.  I'm feeling sorry for her at the moment.  I think she might be going to visit friends that supply her with booze without asking questions. We'll see how the rest of her day turns out.  Didn't start out so well.

Day 8 went like this:
When I got onto twitter with my first cup of coffee this morning, it was to the sad news of Anne McCaffrey's passing. Go read a message from her family.  It's turning out to be a pretty bleak week.  All this nonsense should stop.  Please.

Today was a good writing day for me.  Wednesdays at work are our quietest days so between proofing adverts I managed to write 2 000 words and decorate our office with lots of Christmas stuff.  Things are starting to heat up as I start the build up towards the final scenes.  I think somebody needs to die.  Here's a line or two of what I wrote today.  It might survive rewrites, might not.  Probably will.

 - ...he finished in a soft voice and it got difficult to breathe when I finally decided to meet his eyes. How was it possible for a person to look determined and beaten at the same time? His face said defeated but his dull eyes burned with a determination I hadn’t expected, and it killed me. -

Day 9 went like this:
Today was a busy day and not on the writing front.  If you follow me on twitter or any other South African for that matter, you probably saw the #BlackTuesday tag filling up our feeds.  It's a sad day when your government decided that the public doesn't need to know what is happening in said government. A sad day indeed.  To read more about it, you can visit South Africa: Stop the Secrecy Bill - Petition and sign if you feel so inclined.

Writing went pretty well.  I managed a few words at work which made all the difference.  Total for the day ended up being just a little over 1500 and I'm happy with that.  I would have made the 2k target but a friend needs an emergency critique so I'm squashing that in there as well. I like critiquing and I usually do it in depth so it takes up a bit of time.  But I have to admit that I'm tired.  We've been extra busy at work this last week and a half and it's taking it out of me.  But I'm still determined to be finished by Friday.  Let's see what tomorrow hold.

Day 10 went like this:
I've been in a writing slump since the NaNo stats thing malfunctioned.  I don't know why that thing played such a big role in me hitting my 2k a day word count but it did.  Maybe it's because I'm such a visual creature.  I liked seeing my progress and with things going haywire that one day, it totally screwed with my brain.  After a lot of self motivation I'm finally starting to move out of my slump.  Today's total words written it 1 409 and I'm okay with that. I would have had more but I had injured cat issues.  I'm of the firm belief that ill cats are worse than ill men.  I'm stuck with the evidence for the next week or two, she might drive me to drinking if things continue like this. And it's only the first day.

I'm ahead in word count and that's all that matters to me at the moment.  That and not writing a bad first draft.  Plus I kind of need to hit 50k by Saturday because I was talking a lot of smack to @RalphRudd on twitter today and I refuse to have my butt kicked by him.  Tomorrow I'll be able to make up some of the needed words at work and Wednesday I'm hoping to kill it.  Yeah. Intentions. Intentions. Such wonderful, flighty things.  I have loads of them floating around inside and outside my head.


  1. And I'm sure you're gonna finish it by the weekend!
    Good luck!

  2. My plan is to see how close I can get tonight. Luckily I have no plans. Strange how these things work out sometimes.