Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The Reader’s Lament By PHILIP B. CORBETT - NYT (proofreading tips)

National Novel Writing Month by Mark Nichol - Daily Writing Tips

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Lengthen Word Count By K.M. Weiland - Wordplay

9 Tools For Character Development - Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Purging the Poison: 7 Deadly Words and Phrases - Jonathan D Allen

Here’s the Pitch—It’s a Hit! Crafting Your Novel's Pitch Line - Janice Hardy

Tightening Your (Manuscript’s) Belt: a Checklist for Eliminating Unnecessary Prose - Cheryl Reif

10 Commandments for Writers - James Scott Bell - The Kill Zone

First Do No Harm - WordServe Water Cooler

NaNoWriMo Update 14... I'm getting stuffed on filler and filter words - Brenda Drake Writes

I know my posts have been few.  Sorry about that.  I'll post something before the end of the week.

Enjoy the links and happy writing!