Thursday, November 3, 2011


Good afternoon, people that live inside my blog.

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen me using #NaNoCheckIn quite a few times since yesterday.  I tweeted an idea, and here they are in tweet format:


Most of us, my writer friends, are in so many different time zone which makes is difficult to have word wars or write together

So I thought we could try what I’m calling How this will work: Whomever wants to write with company or have a word war 1/2

tweets the hash and whomever sees it and wants to join, just tweet the hash and let us know 2/2 


Pretty simple.  We've quite a diverse group, starting here with me in South Africa to America and England, and even Brazil. I love all the diverseness.

We've done a lot of them and it really makes a difference.  Yesterday alone helped me add more than 1k words and we only did two 30 minute stints. Add to that the other words I wrote and my total for yesterday ended up at about 2 500.

Follow me on twitter if you're not in the mood to write alone or need a shove in the right direction.  There's a bunch of us willing to give you the push you need.


  1. This was a great idea. As soon as I start writing, I'm there. As it is, I'll just cheer people on.

  2. Great! I love doing this, it makes such a difference, and the company is entertaining.

  3. This really was a good idea. I hope to join you tomorrow.

  4. That would be great, Ladonna. Looking forward to it.