Saturday, November 12, 2011

#NaNoWriMo Playlist

I have a playlist for the novel I'm writing this month.  It has a whole mix of songs from different artists and genres that applies to the story or character is some way, even if it's just a lyric or a song title.

There's a song from Sum 41 with the title Asshole, which describes my main character's view of somebody called Gammon perfectly.  Then I have a song from Cage the Elephant called Right Before My Eyes that has as line "Right before my eyes. I saw the whole world lose control. The whole world lost control" that is a pretty good way do describe what's happening around my MC without her even being aware of it.  She see it but I don't think it's quite registering.  I love how things are crumbling and the thing that set this story in motion was finding a boy in a hole.

Then there's my NaNo Playlist.  It consists of a couple of artists I like, new and old.  It has to be new to me because if I know the words, I'll start singing along.  I'm one of those people who hears a song and has to sing along, no matter what song or if I only know one line.  I do it.  I'll fall over and die if I resist the urge.  It's a terrible thing, really.

So I thought I'd share my NaNo playlist with you.  This is what I'm listening while I write at home and at work:

Florence and the Machine - Ceremonials

Calling All Cars - Dancing With A Dead Man


Blink 182 - Neighborhoods

Cage the Elephant - Thank You Happy Birthday

Foster the People - Torches

It's quite a strange mix, but this is a strange novel, so I think it's fitting. What are you listening to?


  1. Well, depends ... I go with the flow. If I find a new song I like, I add it to my current playlist ... but I do have key songs for each mood lol
    And, since I'm sorta of eclectic, my current playlist ranges from everything ... rock, pop, country, dance, etc ... LOL
    Oh, but I love soundtracks! Inception and Prince of Persia are my favorites atm ;)

  2. I'll definitely check out the Inception and Prince of Persia soundtracks. Those were epic movies and I'm sure the scores are just as great.