Sunday, November 20, 2011

On Campaigning and NaNo Blogging

Good afternoon.

I know most of you've already posted about this, I'm a bit behind on everything because of NaNo, but I'll be catching up and hopefully be posting more once November is over.

What's this book cover for and about?  Here's the description from Amazon:

"All proceeds go to Harry Moseley's charity "Help Harry Help Others". Harry single handedly raised over 85,000BP (roughly 137,000USD) for cancer Research. He died October 8th aged 11.

The eBook contains 176 flash fiction stories, poems, and essays from 81 participants of Rachael Harrie's Blog Building Campaign 2011. Everyone donated their stories freely and willingly for this worthy course.

During the Blog Building Campaign, participants were challenged to write posts containing specific words or themes of no more than 200 (or 300) words. Despite the same premise, the stories contained in this anthology couldn't be more different."

You can get copies of the eBooks at Amazon: Campaigner Challenges 2011 and Smashwords: Campaigner Challenges 2011.

I received an email earlier this week that the eBook will probably be turned into a POD-book so there will be printed copies as well.  It's for a good cause and I'm happy to be a part of it.

A big thank you to Rachael Harrie for hosting the campaign and Katharina Gerlach for making this wonderful eBook idea a reality.

Next up, another email I received during the week from Carol Brown over at Online She sent me a link where I was listed as one of the 50 Best Blogs for NaNoWriMo Support.  That's awesome.  Thanks Carol!

This made me decide that I'm going to count down my last ten days of NaNoWriMo.  I'll start at ten and work my way down to one.  I just cracked 40k, and will hopefully hit 50k by the end of the week, but I'm not stopping until I hit my total of 70k.

I won't spam you guys with a lot of posts.  There will be one post and I'll just update it at the end of the day.  These updates will basically be about how I'm doing and how I'm feeling, maybe I'll post a line or two from the MS, maybe I'll add a link or two but that depends on if I find something awesome.  Just to keep things interesting.

That's it for now.  Have good Sunday and I get lots of writing done.

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