Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Query, Synopsis, and Pitch Links

Good evening everybody.

Ack! Just looking at the words in the title my eyes start burning.  I feel the distinct need for a shield, something like this, to hide behind. The swords are pretty awesome. I wouldn't mind a pair.  Them being in hand is probably the reason I would step out from behind my query shield.  Anyway.  If you're about to start writing your query/synopsis/pitch, here are some of the links I've saved up over the last couple of months.


Query Me This: How to Write a Query - Janice Hardy

How Do I Find An Agent? - BubbleCow

The Sum of the Parts: Writing a Synopsis - Janice Hardy

Queries and Synopsis: How to Get an Agent Salivating to Read Your Manuscript - Ingrid Sundberg

Query Letter Suicide - Ingrid Sundberg

Query Letter Synopsis: Maximize Your Main Conflict - Writer's Relief

How to Write Your Bio for a Byline or Query - Write It Sideways

Back to Basics: Writing a Novel Synopsis - Jane Friedman

3 Things You Can Leave Out of Your Query, and 3 Things You Should Include - The Sharp Angle

Awesome Tools and Resources for Writers (Mostly Free) | Part 2: Querying a Book - Ladies Who Critique

Guest Author Elle Strauss: Writing a Selling Query or Pitch in Four Easy Steps - Janice Hardy

Anatomy of a Synopsis - Cynthea Liu 

The Query Contest Advice Par II - Suzie Townsend

The (Not So) Dreaded Synopsis - 5 Tips To Set You Free - Roni Loren

25 Things You Should Know About Agents - Terrible Minds

Writing Killer Loglines by Stina Lindenblatt - QueryTracker

How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis - Let The Words Flow

The Query Letter - Mystery Writers Unite

The (Not So) Dreaded Synopsis - 5 Tips To Set You Free - Roni Loren


Researching Agents - Jill Corcoran

January Query Time: What not to include - Vickie Motter
Check out the rest of Vickie's January Query Time posts: January Query Time

How To Format a Query Letter & Why You Need to Read Nathan Bransford’s Blog - Ladies Who Critique

Query Letter Template - BubbleCow

Back to Basics - Writing a Query (slash) Pitch (slash) Jacket Blurb - The Sharp Angle

Frequently Asked Questions - Nelson Literary Agency

Short and Sweet: The One Page Synopsis - The Writers Alley

How to Write the Perfect Pitch to Sell Your Novel In Person - Writer's Fun Zone

Tip Tuesday #116 : 5 simple synopsis tips - Literary Rambles

Learn How to Write a Synopsis Like a Pro - Writer's Digest

5 Tips for Writing a Novel/Memoir Synopsis - Writer Unboxed

How to write a Query Letter - Stacey O'Neale

Editing and Writing a Synopsis - Fiction Writing Tools

5 Tips for Writing a Novel/Memoir Synopsis - Writer Unboxed