Saturday, February 11, 2012

Links for you, 'cause I love you like that

Teen Spy First Line Picks - YA Confidential Go check out the great first lines. Mine was picked by TWO spies. I was ecstatic about that.  The line I submitted is from my YA Urban Fantasy TWCS(no, I'm not telling you what the title is, it's top secret)

Know Thyself. 7 Truths About Writers - writetodone

Opening Chapters - Kill Zone

Questions you should ask the characters in your novel or screenplay - Time to Write

What if I’m not as good as I think I am? - Rachel Vincent at The Deadline Dames

Don’t tell us she’s special. Show us - Nail Your Novel - Roz Morris

Timeless tips that changed my writing for the better - Molly Greene

Question from the Comments/General rules of thumb for using exposition - edittorent

4 Techniques for Creating Believable Villains - Writer's Digest

Professional Killing/On killing characters - According to Hoyt

Updated Publishing Dictionary - BookEnds, LLC

Facial Expressions, Or He Smirked and She Smiled - Class of 2K12

Eight Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work - writetodone