Thursday, February 2, 2012

Links (the most thought provoking post title ever)

Another set of links. Enjoy!

Sixteen tips for writing well when writing about design learned from the trenchant trenches at Boxes and Arrows - Austin Govella

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4 Ways to Find the Right Freelance Editor - Jane Friedman

Creating a Book Trailer - WordServe Water Cooler

5 Narrative Mistakes You Can Fix Now by Author Elise Rome - Roni Loren

5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Writing Right Now - Daily Writing Tips

SCBWI Winter Conference Links Roundup and Submissions Guidelines - Brooklyn Arden

We're Ready for Revision Pre-Flight: Top 10 Self-Editing Tips - Janice Hardy

Talking Heads In Your Novel Writing - The Writers Alley

Craft Thursday: Stupid Writer Tricks - Jaye Wells