Sunday, February 26, 2012

On this and that

My blog's been all over the place lately.  I'm not going to apologize for it, sometimes my head needs to space out to make room for, and organize, all the old/new stuff going on around me.  I've also been attacked by a slew of new ideas that I want to keep track of. You get it, I'm sure.  I'm also suffering from a small amount of blogging fatigue so I'm taking a semi break. Except for a post every now and then.

Is there anything specific you lot want to see from my blog in the future?  If not, stay silent and forever hold you peace about the randomness that's going on here.  I'm blogging bimonthly at Hugs and Chocolate about writing things, my next post will be up on the 29th. Some people might want to slap me for what I'm going to blog about next week, but that's okay. We're entitled to our opinions.

Revisions are also still keeping me busy.  I'm at chapter 19 of 28 and making good progress, the changes I'm applying are going faster than I thought it would. Hopefully I'll be done by the end of next week.  That's my target at least.  Then I'll start poking people for beta reads.  I already have one but I'd like at least two more, just to cover all my bases.

Lastly, and purely because I feel like it:  If you follow me on twitter you know I've been threatening to rewatch/catch up on Bleach.  I watched it religiously during my student years but since then have lost my love for it somewhere along the way. I blame it on filler episodes, hate 'em, that and growing up.  Over the last couple of years I've started rediscovering my inner child, and she wants to play.  So I'm starting from scratch and will work my way through it. Yes, even those terrible filler episodes. On the right is my progress and I'll keep on updating it as I go, most likely on weekends.

I hope all of you are still alive and kicking.  I know a lot of you are busy with edits/rewrites/revisions but I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Hi!
    There, now you heard from me lol
    Well, you know I'm busy with moving and it pains me to admit I won't be writing for the next 45 days or so ... I feel bad about not writing, like a vice I need and can't get to ... at least it's healthier than smoking lol
    God, I hate my jokes =P
    Though, it means I won't be participating on the March Madness Agent Pitch on Brenda's blog and I won't have a manuscript ready for Strange Chemistry open doors on April ...
    Anyway, I'll try to be around, but if I don't, you know why!
    Good luck with revisions ...

    1. It's always good to hear from you, Juliana. I know how much of a pain moving can be. We used to move around a lot when I was still in school and I hated it. But your move is great and I'm so jealous. The next 45 days will go by so quickly you won't even notice. After that you can write as much as you like.
      I think you jokes are funny! It's a shame you won't have anything ready for the contest or SC, both are great opportunity. But there will be more so don't worry too much about it. Thanks for the warning, we'll keep connected via twitter.

  2. ...What? I didn't see Ichigo in my blog feed and wander over. That would mean my inner-geek was showing. ;) Enjoy your time off!

    1. I'm in such good company! I do love him. Carrie, it's your inner awesome that's showing, not geek :D