Thursday, March 29, 2012

TWCS has my heart and Beta

Update: Bridget, I hope you read this. I received your email but when I tried replying the email didn't want to go through. Please send me another one. Thanks!

Every novel I write is different than the next, and I think that the more stories I put into words, the more daring I become. And I love that! 

TWCS is a special novel for me because for the first time I'm writing a character who loves the life I've given her. She exhilarates in her different, it's what she lives for. She's snarky, has a lot of attitude, and a best friend that compliments her.

I'm so close to finishing this one, most likely over the weekend, so I won't go on too much about my novel love. You'll get plenty of that when I do my annual 'I've finished a novel' post. Until then, if you're curious about some of the elements in this novel, I've created a pinterest character inspiration board: TWCS

Before I go, I need a favor from one or two of you. Would any of you be interested in giving my novel, Denizens(73k YA UF), a beta read? My CPs think it's pretty okay so I'm sure it won't be too much of a waste of time. If you're interested, and I'd be willing to return the favor, let me know. You can comment below, DM me on twitter @JaniGrey, or email me, my address is in the Contact Me page at the top.

Thanks and have a great weekend, I'm off to finish a novel.

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