Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another Writing Challenge

Today sees the start of Karen Mahoney's KazNo and I'm participating. Again. Because you know how much I love a writing challenge. Any writing challenge. It's a sickness. I need help.

From Kaz's site:

I thought it would be cool to see if others want to write alongside me. We’ve done this before, and it usually works pretty well. Often, you guys end up putting me to shame! ;) But this time I’d like to run KazNo as more of a Set-Your-Own-Goals kind of thing. That way, more people can join in. Pretty much anything goes! Do you want to write first-draft stuff, but don’t want to commit to a NaNoWriMo pace of 50K? No problem! Aim for 20K or 30K. Are you revising? Revise your novel alongside those of us drafting. What about short stories: absolutely! Just tell us how many you’re aiming to write during the month. Same with poetry. And scripts – that’s totally cool, especially as April is actually Script Frenzy

I took part in KazNo last year and wrote the last 50k of Denizens, so I would say this is definitely worth the effort.

My goal for the month of April is to start and finish paper rewrites on TWCS. Technically I'm not finished with the first draft yet. I'm busy with the final big scene and then have to write the closer. I'll be done with it by the end of the week. Kazno is 30 days. If I do one chapter a day, more than that on weekends, I should be fine, right? Right? Yeah. Fine. Definitely fine.

I'm not saying I'll definitely finish, but I'm going to give it one hell of a go.

I'm looking forward to reading all your A to Z posts, btw. A few have already popped up in my reader.

Have a good week!


  1. It sounds like ROW80:
    I try to join in each round because you can set any goals you want and the support is amazing!
    Check it out ;)

    1. Thanks, Juliana. I might just join the next round.

  2. Yay!!! I love writing challenges - they never fail to whip my butt into gear. I think it's the accountability.

    1. Definitely. I love any kind of writing challenge and usually jump at them.