Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More of my favorite links

Shape Up Flabby Writing with Stronger Words by Susan Bearman - write it sideways

Believable Young Adult Romance - The Sharp Angle

7 Setting Basics That Can Bring a Story to Life - Jody Hedlund

Character Development Worksheet - Critique Sisters Corner

5 Ways to Liven Up a Description - DIY MFA

The (Not So) Dreaded Synopsis - Roni Loren

How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis - Pub Crawl

First Look at a First Draft - Janice Hardy

How to Write Tight - Self-Editing Tips to Make Your Manuscript Ready For Publication - Suzanne Lieurance at Karen Cioffi

Five Things Writer’s Need to Know about Being Knocked Out - Andrew Jack Writing

20 Verbs Smothered by “Be”s - Daily Writing Tips

What I’ve Learned - Ian Irvine - Orbit Books.


  1. Thanks for the links! Also, I really liked Ian Irvine's "41 ways to create and heighten suspense" which I found off of the "What I've Learned" link.