Sunday, May 20, 2012

New music

Hey guys and girls.

I wanted to write a post about the big overhaul I'm busy with, aka the dreaded rewrite, but I'm still processing it. Between rewrites, two weeks of hecticness at work, critiques, reading, and family obligations/issues, I've been so busy I barely get time to breathe. So until I write that post, I thought I'd share with you the new music I'll be listening to while I work on those rewrites.

Josh Ritter


The Used

This video might offend sensitive viewers, watch it at your own risk.

I'm hoping to add some more new stuff, so if any of you have suggestions, throw them my way. My preference: rock, light and hard, and alternative. But I'm open to anything right now.

Have a great week.


  1. Oh, you know the song that's in my head lol
    Florence and the Machine - Breath of Life. Can't stop listening to it!

  2. "Black Dove" by The Daylights reminds me of Fairley a bit. :)

  3. Juliana, I love that song. I think I might go listen to it. Again.

    Bridget, I'm heading to Youtube right now to check it out. Thank you!