Friday, June 22, 2012

An encounter of the Steampunk kind

I might have mentioned that I sent TWCS off to the three CPs, and that while I'm waiting for their feedback, I would work on a short story and rewrites(leave me alone about the rewrites, I don't want to talk about it).

I'm not the biggest fan of writing short stories, mainly because where I see a short story, I see an entire novel. Why would I want to spend only a couple of hours with these new characters when I could spend days, weeks, months with them instead? Why write a short story when I could write a novel and have it be awesome and give it all my love and attention?

Why? Because, as I've found out, the short doesn't have to be the beginning and the end of the story. It's such a simple thing, really. As I finished up the story, I couldn't help but want to spend more time on it. Leah is such an easily panicked scatter brain, and Arch, well, he's the voice of reason, the practical thinker. The two of them compliment each other so well, and it was nice to write a story where the main characters are already dating. There's no awkwardness between them, no words that still need to be spoken. They're comfortable together and they know each other well. It was very refreshing.

So yeah, I might go back to these people and write the novel(I've already got the plot scribbled down) and I'm thinking that the short story makes a good start for the novel. I'm not sure what I'll do with the short, it might float around my laptop, I might submit it somewhere. We'll see. It's worth noting that my writing style in this short is a whole lot different than my other novels. I love the language I used in it and it fits the genre. This was my very first attempt at steampunk and I've had the it-works nod from at least one CP. It was a step outside my comfort zone and I liked it, I should do it more often.


  1. Yay for Fall of the Piece ;)
    Can't wait to read more of it ;)

  2. You're awesome and your notes were great. Thank you, Juliana.