Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Dancing GIFs. My CP will be published!

Hey guys.

Seems like my blog is full of happy lately. A few weeks ago I blogged about one writer friend landing an agent. Today I get to blog about one of my very own CPs! It's been such a good month for the writers in my twitter group lately.

The beautiful, talented, awsome Juliana Haygert just signed with Lyrical Press! Freaking out, how fantastic is that!?!

She's worked incredibly hard for this and I'm so happy one of her novels have found a perfect home. Head on over to her blog and go congratulate her!

While you do that, I'm staying here, dancing. Join me, why don't you...


  1. LOL Love the gifs!!!!
    Thanks, dear! I'm super happy! And I love to be celebrating it with you ;)

  2. I'm so happy for you! We'll be dancing together for a while :D

  3. Definitely! Lots of happy dancing.

  4. You know it. Victoria, congratulations on your own good news. June turned out to be an excellent month :D