Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feeling the Revision/Rewriting Love

This week I received TWCS back from two of my CPs. As usual I sulked for a day or two, got over it, and started reworking the novel. And now that I've started, I DON'T WANT TO STOP! I love working with notes telling me exactly what the problem is, and more specifically, where. Then I know what to focus on and where the immediate issues are.

I've gone through the first 6 chapters and decided to share a few lines from the WIP.

MC Cadence to best friend Zadie:

“The only reason you make sure I get out of any situation alive is because, if something happens to me, you would be completely friendless.” I kept quiet for a few seconds then mused out loud. “Think my eyes will pop out if I stay like this long enough?”

An exchange between Sebastian (the handsome fellow to the right), matron Lucinda, and Cadence:

    I leaned against the desk while Luce filled in the new boy’s papers, and yawned loud and obviously, knowing what would happen.
    I grinned at Lucinda’s outrage when she saw the time. He narrowed his eyes at me, knowing what I’d done. Payback: best served when both parties were present to enjoy and suffer for it.

Cadence and Gammon:

“Coward,” I accused.
“Tease,” he replied with a grin in his voice. “You love the chase. Tell me, what will you do if you catch me some day.”
“Not if. Definitely not if. And I’d start by cutting out your tongue.”

 That's it for now. I'm getting some OJ and tackling the next chapter. I hope you've all had a good writing day!


  1. I think about as much as I <3 you!

  2. Yayyy go go Jani, then I get to read it!

  3. Thanks, Bridget. I'm looking forward to you saying I don't have to rewrite it ;)