Sunday, July 29, 2012

Writing all the bad things

Image by Leigh Ann Kopans
I think I've figured out what my writer's block is. First, it's not something that happens very often with me. I'm not a plotter but if I know the middle and end, I have no problem pounding out the words. Getting to these places are fun and I want to know what happens. But I've realized, especially today, that when I'm about to do something really bad to my main characters, I kind of shy away from writing it. Yes, it has to happen, but I love my characters and the thought of hurting them sometimes just makes me not want to write it.

When I reach the point where the really bad things are supposed to happen, I slow down. In TWCS I killed off two characters, one I really loved and another that I would have loved, and it depressed me so much that I stopped working on the novel for a few weeks. That's my writer's block(this and plotting). TWCS is a NaNo 2011 novel and I'm thankful that this happened after I wrote the first 50k on it, but still, at the end of the day it took me almost 5 months to finish it. That's insanely long for me, my first drafts I usually write in 2-3 months.

I'm about to write the really bad part of the new WIP and I find myself slowing down. The thing with this bad part is that it will start with my MC's better half and then continue from there into something for her. And that saddens me. But I'm a writer and I have to put on my big girl pants and just do it. Because isn't part of the fun? Taking everything away from your characters, breaking them down, then building them up again. Oh yeah, there's the REVENGE as well. We all love a good bit of revenge. I'll use that as my motivator to get over the bad things.

Now I'm going to make myself coffee, get comfortable, watch Olympic swimming, and write the bad things.

Have any of you experienced something similar? What's your writer's block like?


  1. Yay for writing the bad parts ;)
    I know how you feel. I hate putting my characters through hell, but as I reader, I love seeing the character going through hell then emerging stronger. So, as a writer, we just gotta do it ;)

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only whone who doesn't like it most of the time. Yes, I like making them suffer. But then there's suffer, and there's suffer. But yeah, it's gotta be done :D

  3. Interesting...either I like writing the bad stuff or I don't write bad enough stuff. Not sure which. Lol!

    How is it going?

  4. lol Jamie, I'm sure your stuff is just fine. It's all good now. I'm over the first bad thing and I'm wondering where I should insert the other bad thing. So the writing is flowing and I'm happy with what's happening in this WIP so far.

  5. For me, novels are like a giant algebra equation in my head and, like in any algebra equation, if you change a number on one side, it changes a number on the other side. The writer's block comes when the equation refuses to balance for me and I just can't figure out what will make it all work together again. Like you said, usually stepping away and coming back to it works.

  6. Jeez, Bridget. Best analogy ever.