Friday, August 17, 2012

Things that inspire me # 2 & Revision fun!

Hey guys.

No big post tonight, though I have thoughts about nearing the end of a wip's first draft tumbling around my brain, but there is something I wanted to share with you quickly.

Earlier today I stumbled across 65 Off-Draft Writing Prompts to Kick-Start Revision by Kate Messner and I almost died of the happy. I entitled this post things that inspire me for a reason. Reading all these prompts have made me want to go back and work on TWCS so badly. But I'm holding off until I get feedback from my two most honest readers. I'm both scared and excited to hear back from them. Then I'll know what to work on, and that's what I'm looking forward the most.

I mention TWCS because while going through the 65 prompts, I kept on thinking about Cadence and the antagonist. Oh the answers I could give and things I could write. So many things.  Not that any of my other MCs wouldn't have interesting things to add, but Cadence is my most out-there character and I love spending time in her head. I never know where she's going to take me next.

That's it from me. Really. Do yourself a favor and go check out the prompts. I can't wait to tackle a few of them once the new wip's first draft is finished.

Have a great weekend!


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