Saturday, September 22, 2012

International Rhino Day / Purple Rhino Project

Some of you might know that today is International Rhino Day. It's a day close to my heart and I try and spread awareness each year.

So far this year more than 350 rhinos have been killed and the number appalls me. That's more than a rhino a day. It makes me sad, the disregard and pure stupidity of some people. What can we do about this?  We can help spread awareness.

Jacaranda fm, one of our local radio station, has been doing fantastic things over the years to help this initiative and recently launched the Purple Rhino Project, the official name of their efforts. They have donated thousands of rands that's gone into training tracker dogs, helping with security on game farms, and the like. They aren't the only ones. Lots of local businesses have joined in, and although it makes a difference, we're still losing more rhinos on a daily basis.

This is just a shoutout from me to them. A thanks for the fantastic job they are doing. I listed some stats last year if you want to check it out. If not, know that we're already past the number of rhinos killed last year, 2011's number a shocking 27, that we know of.

So spread the word, people. We can't have this majestic animal become extinct.


  1. What a really sad thing ...

    And now I want to learn origami so I can do that Rhino for my daughter! lol

  2. Awww, rhinos :( Good luck to the organization!

    That is one hell of a rhino origami ;)

  3. I'm so sad about this, it's a real problem here :(

    And YES. The origami rhino is fantastic :D