Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Possession of Grammy's Hat

On Thursday, while I had too much work to do and no motivation to actually do it, I tweeted Kat a picture of a hat I would be wearing to a work function(a themed function of all things). Of course, both of us being writers, we just couldn't help but write the story behind this hat. We used tweets. So here's a bit of light Sunday reading for anybody bored enough to actually read from start to finish. 

10:35:07 AM - JaniGrey: Oh the sex appeal this hat will give me. 

10:37:00 AM - el_kat: You need to skip through meadows wearing this hat. Srsly. ;)

10:39:04 AM - JaniGrey: I do. There needs to be tall grass and a man in a linen shirt waiting to catch me and twirl me around.

10:40:47 AM - JaniGrey: LOL YES. Also, don't forget that I'll need to add a long ribbon to my hat. It has to flutter behind me when I run.

10:41:58 AM - el_kat: Exactly! And when a breeze carries your hat off, linen shirt man will run after it for you.

10:44:14 AM - JaniGrey: YES! And I'll clutch my hands to my chest and say 'Oh, kind sir. Hurry. My grammy gave me that hat. She died four years ago'.

10:45:29 AM - el_kat: "She was wearing that hat at the time, but I've had it cleaned...what do you mean you're not touching it??"

10:48:46 AM - JaniGrey: "Dear lord! What is that I see? Could it be? Could it be... Her ghost! She's trying to tell us something, kind sir. We must follow!"

10:50:09 AM - el_kat: "Sir! Why are you running? That's the wrong way...oh, you've fallen in the old well!"

10:52:53 AM - JaniGrey: "Serves you well, sir, for running away from a lady in need of assistance. Maybe my grammy should come visit you in the well."

10:54:24 AM - el_kat: "Fiddlesticks! You carried grammy's hat down with you, and now I must run for help."

10:55:27 AM - JaniGrey: "Grammy will stay with you while I go for help. Don't go anywhere, okay?"

10:57:50 AM - el_kat: "Fie! It has been but an hour since I left, and I find you quaking! Did I not say that grammy died wearing nothing but that hat?"

10:59:48 AM - JaniGrey: "Pardon me? You do not like the attentions bestowed on you? An aching heart cannot bear to hear such things."

11:02:36 AM - el_kat: "Such rude behaviour deserves an entire night spent down the well. Now if you'll just toss me my hat..."

11:05:15 AM - JaniGrey: "Come on. Don't dillydally. I see bad weather approaching. If you hand over my hat, I might be inclined to give you an umbrella."

11:12:02 AM - el_kat: "Ah, here comes another young man with a great big steed who appears much more suited to my company. Farewell, linen-shirted Sir!"

11:17:29 AM - JaniGrey: *walks away, toward new arrival. Throws hat into the air, onto the wind* "Oh, good sir. Please help me. My hat!"

11:18:44 AM - el_kat: Lol, we are both "very silly girls". (I said that in grammy's voice, fyi.)

11:20:49 AM - JaniGrey: Silly indeed. Grammy approves of our antics.


  1. lol Shows you what we do while you guys sleep. We had a lot of fun writing this :D

  2. That is so cool. I love your blog. And when will I get to slaughter--I mean critque--your ms?

  3. Pressed comment too soon. The Steampunk one.