Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Counting down my last 10 days of NaNoWriMo

I did this last year as well(of course I can't find the post now), and thought I'd give it a go again. It helps keep me motivated. It's also another place where I have to account for what I've done.

Final day: I wrote my last 624 words at work today :D That's all I'm saying besides letting you guys know who ecstatic I am about being done. Not about the novel. About being done. But a post on my NaNo 2012 experience in a few days time. Now I'm just going to take it easy, have a drink, and OD on The Vampire Diaries. I finished this novel at 50182.

1 day to go: I wrote. I'll finish tomorrow. I'm standing at 49 558.

2 days to go: There's nothing like a make-out or fighting scene to get the words out. I'm busy with the former. I might even hit 50k tomorrow night. I'm standing at 47 186.

3 days to go:  The end is near, you guys. So near. It's going to be a close call, but I'll make it. *repeat repeat repeat* I'm standing at 45 274.

4 days to go: Not much to report today. I'm writing for the sake of getting this story done. I'm standing at 43 545.

5 days to go: Uhm... What can I say. I spent more time today watching The Vampire Diaries than writing. BUT! I did get my daily word count in. With 5 days to go, I'll have to kick it up a notch starting tomorrow. It's going to be a tight finish. I'm standing at 41 669.

6 days to go: After visiting my family, I got home, did some laundry, and wrote. I didn't even have to force the words out. They just happened. I should mention that I'm back to using my Reward System for today and tomorrow's writing. Write 500 words, watch one episode of The Vampire Diaries. It's working really well. I'm standing at 39 521.

7 days to go: I'm back on track. It's weird how these days of sudden doubt just attack you out of nowhere. Right now I'm busy typing away at today's word count, and watching Arrow while waiting for the new episode of American Horror Story to start. I think something else that kicked my butt into gear was writing the scene I just finished. Things are about to get real interesting. Oh, this novel will still be temporarily trunked when it's done, but that doesn't give me the excuse to put less effort into it. The end is in sight. I'm standing at 38 006.

8 days to go: Today was particularly hard for me. I don't even know why. In the span of the 9 hours I worked, I'd convinced myself to quit the story and return to revising the other novel. Then I reminded myself that I'm not a quitter. I don't drop things and leave them unfinished. I'm standing at 35k, for heaven's sake. That's 15k I have to write to get the novel done. I think one of the big reasons I felt this way was because I realized that I could very easily turn this story into an actiony contemp romance. It wouldn't take a lot, but if I decided to do that, it would change what I'm writing right now. The other big thing is that I'm thinking about the big, book-of-my-heart I'm going to write next year. It's been following me around everywhere. It's in the things I see on TV. It's in the lyrics from my fav bands. Everywhere. I really want to write it, but I'm also ridiculously scared to write it. I have so many feelings about it and I'm scared shitless that I'm going to get it wrong. I'm already stressing out about a novel I haven't even written yet. So there's that. I'm going to write it anyway. But, you know?
I've only written 196 words for today's word count target, so I'd better get to it. I'm standing at 36 666.

9 days to go: Ugh. That bump I talked about below? Yeah that. Today I was struck by the question "What the hell are you doing, J?" I've got a story I'm dying to revise and send out to my CPs, and another MS I want to rewrite. Instead I'm writing a story I'm already thinking of trunking. But then I remembered why I started writing it in first place. I love the characters, and this story would have bothered me until I wrote it. I do that sometimes, write an entire novel then throw it in a drawer as soon as it's done. More on that in a later post. But I still love this story, and the hot make-out session my MC and her BF had today got me back into that writing crave I have most of the time. This is what happens when I write the quieter chapters where boring things have to be written. Tonight the fun starts. I'm standing at 35 938.

10 days to go: I'm pretty okay with where my story is. So far things are fine, but I have a feeling I'm about to hit a bump in the road, not story related, me related. Let's see how it goes. I'm standing at 33 724.


  1. Keep at it, soldier! And there's nothing wrong with having trunked novels, they can often rear their little heads at a later date and demand air-time. One of my previously trunked novels is out on submission right now ;)

    Good luck with the rest of NaNo!!! <3

  2. Congratufrickilations on winning NaNo!!! I knew you'd do it <3

  3. Thank you, Kat! This one fought me tooth and nail.