Friday, November 16, 2012

I swear, this is the last time

Look at my pretty new blog.  This is what happens when you tell a designer that nobody ever gives you anything. They ignore their work and make you a pretty background.

As well as this:

You'll have to open the image in a new tab to read the words, but they're wonderful and I'll be reading them before I start my writing tonight.

A big thank you to Marelise for making my day. She's insanely talented and her art is always freaky and a little on the wonderfully weird side. I love it. I'm going to ask her to do a few pieces for the blog, maybe some GIFs, maybe just some random things.

She ajusted the above image to make it my new blog background - only after I asked her to make a dozen changes - which she did without a single word of complaint.

Have a great weekend!