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BLACKFIN SKY by Kat Ellis - Release day interview

It's releaday for the UK version of Blackfin Sky by Kat Ellis! I asked Kat a few question about her novel, just to give readers a little bit more of an idea what to expect.

Let's kick this off at the start of the book, which sees Silas, the town of Blackfin's haunted weathervane, observing the supposedly deceased Sky not as dead as she's thought to be. He's basically got the best seat in the house. If he could tell us something about his story nobody else knows, what would that be?

Silas HATES the townspeople of Blackfin. Being a haunted weathervane, you'd think he would be pretty understanding about the peculiar folks who live in his town (and he really does think of Blackfin as HIS town), but he sees their quirks as the work of some evil force. And don't get him started on circus folk...

We definitely look forward to reading all about these evildoers, in particular the main players. Can you tell us a little bit more about Sky and her co-conspirators? What character traits would have judgemental Silas brand them all as sinful?

Ha! I'm not sure they're sinful, but Sky is certainly a bit of an oddity...that is, if you count the fact that she drowns, then shows up at school 3 months later as though nothing happened. Then there's Bo, whose laugh is as flat as her glare, and who is keeping a few secrets of her own. Cam and Sean Vega aren't originally from Blackfin, but they're fast becoming a part of the town's weirdness. All of them are drawn into the mystery that connects the circus that came to town sixteen years ago with what exactly happened to Sky when she fell from Blackfin Pier.

Speaking of Blackfin, the town plays a very important role in the story. As mentioned before, it’s a strange place with a definite dark vibe to it. Where did you get your inspirations for it from? Is it based on anyplace specific?

Setting is massively important to me when I'm writing, and it's something I spend a lot of time developing; it's like in southern gothic novels, where the setting is almost another character in the story. Blackfin itself is an oddity, with its sinister woods, a surreally calm lake, a cemetery with 13 cats standing sentry over it, places lost and buried and forgotten. The whole town is surrounded by the lethal peaks of the Lychgate Mountains, isolated from the rest of the world...or so it seems. In terms of inspiration, I think there's definitely a nod to the TV series Twin Peaks in Blackfin Sky, and elements like the pier and the circus have roots in towns near where I live, but as a whole, Blackfin's just too weird to be based on a real place!

Well, if the book's description didn't convince people to read Blackfin Sky, the amount of creepy in that answer certainly persuaded another few. Speaking of eerie things, if you had to recommend books for readers to get their hands on that share a similarity to Blackfin Sky, which ones would it be?

Definitely THE MISSING and DEAD TO YOU by Lisa McMann (one of my all time favourite authors, AHEM!) You should definitely check those out anyway, because they're awesome thrillery mysteries, full of twists and darkness.

I will definitely read THE MISSING soon, it's already on my TBR. Thank you so much for stopping by. I look forward to ready your novel again.

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Blackfin Sky description:

When Sky falls from Blackfin Pier and drowns on her sixteenth birthday, the whole town goes into mourning – until she shows up three months later like nothing happened.

Unravelling the mystery of those missing months takes Sky to the burned-out circus in the woods, where whispers of murder and kidnapping begin to reveal the town’s secrets. But Sky’s not the only one digging up the past – the old mime from the circus knows what happened to her, and he has more than one reason for keeping quiet about it.

BIO: Kat Ellis is a young adult writer from North Wales. You'll usually find Kat up to no good on Twitter, taking photographs in cemeteries, or watching scary films with her husband and feral cat. BLACKFIN SKY is her first novel, available now in the UK/Commonwealth (due for release 2nd September in the US).

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